GIS4Mobile Setup Manager

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Complete the setup using the 4 steps below.

You can always go back and modify the setup.
User profile

This is your login account in the GIS4Mobile app.

In the userprofile is:

  • What maps you will see (google etc).
  • What forms you have access to, for collecting data.
  • Settings...


In the app you allways work with a background map (canvas). The user will be able to choose between several maps.

You select which maps will be available to the user.

Some maps are only available locally.


Collecting data.

The data you register is stored in a database, and the way you enter attributes is by filling out a form.

Forms has rows with textboxes, checkboxes, dropdown menus and more.

You design the form to your needs.


The data you register is displayed over the canvas map.

You decide what colors are used for the points and lines you register

Colors can be depending on attribute information.

Message for user
Max users

User can send POI data as mail
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